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Question enigine going into limp mode below 2000rpm

2 years 3 months ago #2571 by geary
geary created the topic: enigine going into limp mode below 2000rpm
Hi there everyone,

my bongo is driving me crazy.

It runs great for as long as it can be kept above 2000rpm. this is not always possible, so when it drops below 2000 rpm, the glow plug light comes on, and stays on. It gives the codes 0400 and 1228. I have checked the wastegate actuator and the egr. in fact a garage had a look at the mechanics and all was fine. Narrowed it down to the vacuum solenoids. two were not working, but are now with the aid of some cleaner and grease. however I still have the same issue.
What happens is, the wastegate is open(or closed) and once the engine is warm and drops below 2000rpm, the wastegate actuator moves, to either open or closed, and the light starts flashing. No amount of accelerating will tell the wastegate to move. it just continues to drive in limp mode until the engine is turned off, long enough for the actuater to move/reset and the light no longer flashes. But once driven the same thing happens.
It's like nothing is telling the wastgate to open when it should, or is being stopped from doing so.
I'm totally stuck now. Perhaps a car electrician is required.
Any help would be totally awesome.
many thanks


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