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Question Scavenger Fan

3 months 15 hours ago #2895 by graham7
graham7 created the topic: Scavenger Fan
Hi, can anyone tell me where the scavenger fan is located and the best way to access it - mine doesn't appear to kick in and I can feel the temperature rising under my seat. Thanks.

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3 months 13 hours ago #2896 by WiniBongo
WiniBongo replied the topic: Scavenger Fan
Hi Graham
its in front of the engine, roughly under the dashboard, about 14" diameter you can't miss it!. The engine has to get really hot for it to come on, roughly 2/3 way up temp gauge! I've got 2 bongos and mine rarely come on with the exception when I had an airlock and the temp shot up! If your temp gauge is sitting around 1/3rd to just under half way that's normal range. If you were to remove the centre handbrake unit it'd fell very warm to touch in normal temp range.
hope this helps mate
cheers kev

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