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Question Automatic gearbox issue

7 months 4 weeks ago #2962 by Ruth
Ruth created the topic: Automatic gearbox issue
Hi all. I am looking for any advice on an automatic gear box. My bongo is a 2000 Diesel engine and it got a new gear box in 2016 as the previous owner told us, who we are in contact with and has been very helpful. I took it in for its MOT and it needed to be welded under the radiator which was done at a different garage to the MOT and new break pads which were fitted at the garage where the MOT was passed. I drove it a half a mile and then lost movement, the engine never faltered but it just wouldn’t move it was like it had slipped out of gear. The garage collected it and it drove perfectly fine onto the collection vehicle but then on arrival was doing the same thing again. It is now being checked over at the garage where the gearbox was fitted. Anyone else had this problem? Would appreciate your views.

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