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Question Diesel Bongo starting issue, not straight foward.

1 week 4 days ago #2988 by Winniebongo
Winniebongo created the topic: Diesel Bongo starting issue, not straight foward.
Hi, We have a 96 2.5 Td Bongo which is well maintained and cared for. It started off with what I thought was a Glow plug relay issue, so we changed it for a second hand one an it was fine for about 6 months then the problem recurred. We decided to go for a brand new genuine Mazda relay, fitted that and it was fine for a few weeks but it;s now back with a similar issue, the only difference being, I think the relay is better.
The van was professionally fitted with an immobilizer about 6 or 7 years ago, so when you go into the van there is a fob on the keys which you press onto a black plastic part next to the ignition switch, the light on there goes steady and you can start with the key as normal. I am mentioning this as I am now wondering if it's an immobilizer fault?
Batteries (we have factory 2 fitted) are virtually new and as I said so is the Glow plug relay. Before fitting the latter I checked all the circuits, fuse link to the battery etc and all was fine. What is happening just now is that when I turn the keys al the lights come on on the dash as normal, except the glow plug one, before anything else happens the electric fans come on.Now my understanding of this is that they shouldn't come on at this stage and usually if the glow plug light comes on, the fans don't and it will start as normal, so there may be something there I should look at.
If I keep turning it will eventually fire, if I can catch it (Difficult) on the throttle it will go but with loads of smoke and rough running till it heats up. Now this to me means the Glow Plugs aren't coming on, confirmed by the lack of GP light and hence us originally believing it must be a GP replay problem.
If I complete the rough start process the GP light will come on, with the engine running, intermittently and the relay clicking on an off again intermittently and I am now worried I may actually damage the new relay by doing this. As I said there is a difference since fitting this relay, the new one sounds tighter and clicks on and off better whereas the old one was clunky, but that is all.
I am going to have a look next time the weather permits but in the back of my mind I am thinking more than likely I need an Auto-Electrician but just thought I would try you guys first in case anyone has experienced similar.
So if the GP light doesn't come on it will turn over but not start

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