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Solved Old Bongoforum

3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #398 by gegerarrardodo
gegerarrardodo created the topic: Old Bongoforum

Sorry if this doesn't belong in here. I do know the old forum is not avaliable anymore for posting and so on, but I thought it was supposed to still let us consult it if we wanted to. It does let me consult it, but when I try to see the pictures (for which I have to be logged in) it tells me that my details are incorrect, but they are not! :dry:

I tried clicking on the "forgotten password" bit, but it does not send any password reset email to my address like it should! And before you asked, it's been a few hours already so I should have the email by now, shouldn't I? :S Has this happened to anybody else? Any chance I can still log in?

I really wanted to have a look at some pictures so we can get an idea on how to pimp our beloved Bongo. It's passed its MOT with flying colours and now it's time to spend some money on it :P

Any help would be appreciated! Cheerio!

1995 Mazda Bongo AFT 2.5 TDI 4WD
Last Edit: 3 years 11 months ago by gegerarrardodo.

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