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Important Coolant Help!

3 years 7 months ago #2425 by Julian1977
Julian1977 created the topic: Coolant Help!
Hello all,

I know absolutely zero about engines and was just topping up the screen wash and noticed the clear tank under the passenger side (contains green liquid) is almost completely empty.

- Am I correct that this is coolant?

- Is it safe for me to buy coolant and top it back up considering that it's so low (under the level of the pipes)? I read that it's a closed system and can introduce air.

- If I am Ok to fill it up - what type of coolant should I get? Again i've read that types should not be mixed

Any help greatly appreciated as I have a long journey to make tomorrow!


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3 years 7 months ago #2426 by rooflifter
rooflifter replied the topic: Coolant Help!
Can you give some more details about the engine please, engine size and fuel etc.

It looks like the coolant tank and hoses/clips are new and the coolant looks nice and clean so I'm assuming that the system has had a recent overhaul? When did you last check the levels?

The coolant shouldn't really be allowed to go under the 'LOW' marker. The question is do you have a current leak or has the level been low since the previous service. If the leak is ongoing then I wouldn't advise driving it until the source has been identified, fied and the coolant refilled and properly bled. Always better to be safe than sorry with these engines. It looks like someone had spent some money keeping it maintained so it would be a shame to waste that.

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3 years 7 months ago #2433 by haydn callow
haydn callow replied the topic: Coolant Help!
That coolant level is dangerously low. It is not above the level of both hoses so Air may have got it.....if that's the case your cylinder head is at risk. Get some who knows how the bongo system works and get the system filled and bled....your average garage will not have a clue how to do this properly....go to YouTube and search Bleeding really shouldn't drive it until this has been done.

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