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3 years 9 months ago #1899 by Fozzie001
Fozzie001 created the topic: INDICATOR FUZES
Hi folks - First of all, let me say Thank You for allowing me to join the group :-)

I have just bought my first Bongo & VERY pleased with it indeed!!

However, the gremlins have appeared... The fuze for the indicators keep blowing :-( It's fuze No 2 (red 10 amp) on the top row on the XO3 fuzebox, just above the drivers knee...

Has anyone come across this problem before & if so, what's the cause/remidy?

Thanks in anticipation of your help

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3 years 9 months ago #1902 by rooflifter
rooflifter replied the topic: INDICATOR FUZES
I haven't had this on the Bongo but it did happen on my Landrover. You need to take out all the bulbs and fuses then check the cables for continuity. I tracked mine down to a nick in the cable which was a nightmare to find because it only showed a fault when the cable touched the bodywork. Sometimes you'll see an obvious problem with the bulb or bulb holder though so give it a visual check over first.

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