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Question I'm so confused.....

4 years 3 months ago #1635 by Lindsay
Lindsay created the topic: I'm so confused.....
Hi all,

I am hoping some kind person is on here who can give me some advice. I have never been camping and never owned a campervan. My partner and I would however like to take our dog on some adventures in her older age and have been looking at Bongos. I have always liked the look of them but now I've looked inside I'm more confused than ever.

I've seen ones without extending roofs, ones with side conversions, ones with rear conversions, ones with and without hookups..some have fridges (im told a powered cool box is just as good) but now I just don't know what to look for anymore .. It's just us and pup....we're only short....but if we get one without a roof do they not resell if I absolutely hate it.. I don't have tens of thousands of pounds to lose if I buy one that no one else will want to buy!

Please help me. Any advice appreciated ..

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4 years 3 months ago #1636 by Katka
Katka replied the topic: I'm so confused.....
Making a decision of some magnitude like buying camper is not an everyday experience and needs to be got right first time.
Take time to think what you really want from the ‘van. Forget the details, like where the kitchen might go, or ‘fridge type. If buying used, you may not be able to be so choosy anyway. Is it going to be used only for day trips or weekend or longer? Sleep inside or in an tent/awning? When you are sure what you want from the ‘van look what’s on the market and does at least what you want. Your choice will naturally narrow down to a manageable number.
Now the harder bit … try to find the best of the pick for you. Not anyone else. Make sure it is mechanically sound and rust free. This is vitally important. No matter how many of your wish list items are fulfilled; if the ‘van is unreliable or a money pit, it’s a bad ‘van.
There are many good ‘vans and good sellers, and many potential good memories to be made, take time and when sure, go for it. Bongo’s open a world of possibilities. Read this and other forums (Bongo Fury is good) and you’ll find one for you.

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